15th International Symposium on Dendritic Cells

10-14 June 2018 • Aachen (Germany)

15th International Symposium on Dendritic Cells

10-14 June 2018 • Aachen (Germany)

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Scientific Program

09:15–15:45 Teaching course
The Teaching Course aims to be a forum, where experts from the respective fields will present their current work and latest findings. Additionally, there will be a comprehensive presentation of the scientific context.

Diana Dudziak (Erlangen/DE) – Dendritic cell subsets in mouse and man
Anne Krug (Planegg-Martinsried/DE) – Plasmacytoid DC development and plasticity
Manfred Lutz (Würzburg/DE) – Dendritic cells from monocytes: ontogeny and function
Alessandra Cambi (Nijmegen/NL) – DC migration and pathogen uptake
Cees van Kooten (Leiden/NL) – Tolerogenic DC
Tanja de Gruijl (Amsterdam/NL) – DC in skin and lymph nodes: therapeutic targeting

16:30–18:00 Keynote lectures I & II
Yasmine Belkaid (Bethesda, MD/US) – Control of tissue immunity by the Microbiota: context an consequences
Wolfgang Kastenmüller (Würzburg/DE) – DC - T cell interactions from a spatiotemporal perspective

08:30–10:00 DC ontogeny & development
Kang Liu (New York, NY/US)) – Development and lineage specification of human dendritic cells
Florent Ginhoux (Singapore/SG) – Dendritic cells: From development to functions
Marco Colonna (St. Louis, MO/US) – Microglia in neurodegeneration

10:30–12:00 Transcriptional & epigenetic regulation of DC
Kenneth Murphy (St. Louis, MO/US) – Mechanisms of DC diversification
Kristin Seré (Aachen/DE) – Transcription factors in DC development: not just one-trick ponies
Michael Sieweke (Marseille/FR) – Transcriptional & epigenetic control of myeloid cell differentiation and self renewal

13:30–15:30 Workshop: Omics approaches to dissect DC heterogeneity & networks
Chair    Sammy Bedoui (Melbourne/AU), Bernard Malissen (Marseille/FR)
Sammy Bedoui (Melbourne/AU) – Disentangling how CD8+ DC integrate T cell help
Bernard Malissen (Marseille/FR) – Combining transcriptomics and innovative mouse models to tackle the function of DC and macrophages

13:30–15:30 Workshop: DC development & ontogeny
Chair    Avi-Hai Hovav (Jerusalem/IL), Roxane Tussiwand (Basel/CH)
Avi-Hai Hovav (Jerusalem/IL) – Mucosal and microbial factors instructing the development of oral Langerhans cells
Roxane Tussiwand (Basel/CH) – The origin and true nature of plasmacytoid dendritic cell

16:00–17:30 Antigen processing & presentation
Sebastian Amigorena (Paris/FR) – Innate sensing and antigen presentation in dendritic cells
Christian Münz (Zürich/CH)) – Regulation of autophagy proteins during antigen presentation
Jaques Neefjes (Leiden/NL) – Pathways in regulating MHC class II expression in dendritic cells and beyond

18:00–19:30 Keynote lectures III & IV
Bart Lambrecht (Ghent/BE) – Airway dendritic cells in response to allergens and virus
Jose Villadangos (Melbourne/AU) – Regulation of dendritic cell development and function by the innate immune system

08:30–10:00 T cell priming & polarization

10:30–12:00 DC subsets & functional specialization
Tsuneyasu Kaisho (Wakayama/JP) – Immune regulation by a dendritic cell subset expressing a chemokine receptor, XCR1
Christian Kurts (Bonn/DE) – Role of DC subsets in urogenital tract inflammation and infection
Boris Reizis (New York, NY/US) – Understanding and recapitulating dendritic cell development

13:30–15:30 Workshop: DC migration
Chair   David Jackson (Oxford/UK)
David Jackson (Oxford/UK) – New insights into mechanisms of leucocyte trafficking in the lymphatics

13:30–15:30 Workshop: Langerhans Cells
Chair    Daniel H. Kaplan (Pittsburgh, PA/US), Patrizia Stoitzner (Innsbruck/AT)
Daniel H. Kaplan (Pittsburgh, PA/US) – Nociceptors and skin DC orchestrate anti-Candida Host Defense
Patrizia Stoitzner (Innsbruck/AT) – Skin DC in cancer immunosurveillance and immunotherapy

16:00–17:30 DC interaction with commensal microbiota
Julie Magarian Blander (New York, NY/US) – Phagocytes and intestinal homeostasis
Allan Mowat (Glasgow/GB) – Tissue specific control of intestinal dendritic cell differentiation

18:00–19:30 DC in tolerance & tissue homeostasis
Niroshana Anandasabapathy (New York, NY/US) – PD-L1/2 signaling critically governs protective memory formation and recall by DCs

08:30–10:00 DC in allergy & autoimmunity
Burkhard Becher (Zurich/CH) – Monocyte-derived phagocytes: DCs or macrophages?
Ursula Grohmann (Perugia/IT) – Targeting dynamics of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 in autoimmunity
Ranjeny Thomas (Brisbane/AU) – Targeting dendritic cells for antigen-specific tolerance in autoimmune diseases

10:30–12:00 DC in chronic infections
Mihai Netea (Nijmegen/NL) – Epigenetic and metabolic reprogramming in trained immunity
Esther von Stebut-Borschitz (Mainz/DE) – Skin DC in cutaneous leishmaniasis



09:00–10:30 DC in cancer & cancer immunotherapy
Dmitry I. Gabrilovich (Philadelphia, PA/US) – Cross-presentation by dendritic cells in cancer

11:00–13:00 Workshop: DC vaccinations and beyond
Chair    Daniel H. Benítez-Ribas (Barcelona/ES), Lana Kandalaft (Lausanne/CH)
Daniel H. Benítez-Ribas (Barcelona/ES) – Dendritic cells-based immunotherapy – precision medicine to induce immunity/tolerance

11:00–13:00 Workshop: Open topics
Sophie Janssens (Gent/BE)Inositol Requiring Enzyme 1 (IRE1), a metabolic sensor at the heart of dendritic cell biology

14:00–15:30 DC vaccination & immunotherapy (beyond cancer)
Catharien Hilkens (Newcastle upon Tyne/GB) – Tolerogenic DC therapyfor rheumatoid arthritis: where are we now?
Yvette van Kooyk (Amsterdam/NL) – DC vaccination - lessons from resetting immune escape

15:30–16:00 Closing ceremony
Nikolaus Romani (Innsbruck/AT) – Concluding remarks